This season a luminous collection of pure silver jewelry, entirely handmade where the craftsman plays with shapes by sublimating the material. Jewels with light and ethereal lines, inspire daydreaming.

Others, elaborated in weaving and knotting, connect us to matter...

Since the dawn of time the art of knots in Asia has been used to make decorative elements for happy events, and to bring luck. A handmade solid silver ring made by knotting two thick threads of pure silver, a couture and timeless jewel:

The word "knot" in China means reunion, conviviality, peace, the bonds of marriage, love... The knot is always the link, which connects us to a person, and/or to an event.

Inspired by the observation of nature, the spiral represents the evolution of a state, an eternal dynamic energy. It coincides with the first metaphysical questions. It evokes the repeated cycles of life, the seasons, but also the forces that generate each other such as Ying and Yang. The spiral can also be a representation of the snake. It is a symbol very present among the ethnic groups of the golden triangle.

Here, the "body" of the ring symbolizes that of a dragon.

Braiding lends itself wonderfully to pure silver threads. This makes it possible to make flexible, comfortable and visually very beautiful bracelets.

The new closing systems that we have created make it possible to manufacture thin and flexible bracelets that no longer risk deforming.

A superb patinated bracelet, with a lot of personality, perfectly made by Karen craftsmen, masters in the art of weaving, braiding pure silver threads

Solar and ethnic

Large earrings entirely handmade in solid silver, patinated, with sacred geometry, ultra feminine.

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Super graphic and feminine, the contemporary silver earrings N° 19 catch the light with your every movement

petite boucles d'oreilles, puces en argent massif faites à la main, contemporaines N° 23

To wear alone or accompanied: these pretty handmade solid silver stud earrings: classic and timeless!

Valériane wears the new contemporary ring N° 13, which fits perfectly and can be worn on the phalanges and in accumulation. It accompanies it with contemporary rings N° 19, N° 63 and N° 65

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Valerian Jewels

This season discover a magnificent series of bracelets perfectly made by Karen artisans, who here apply ancestral techniques of knotting, weaving and braiding with pure silver threads. Poetic, unique jewelry!

collection artisanale de bijoux en argent massif pour femmes

Valériane wears the contemporary ring in solid silver N° 1 which recalls the links of the bracelets, as well as the contemporary ring N° 65 and N° 47 and the superb cuff entirely woven by hand:

bracelet artisanal manchette tressé en argent massif

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Valerian Jewels

Wavy and slender, the new contemporary solid silver earrings N° 14, seem to dance in the hollow of your neck

Bracelet entirely made by hand in braiding of thick threads of pure silver, not patinated. The whole is then flattened, which gives graphic power and a lot of character to this bracelet. Luminous !

The timeless ring made of thick braided and patinated pure silver threads, now in a ring:

The Sun is a feminine entity in Asia: the mother Sun, star source of life. These magnificent curls are a tribute to the origin of Life, to Nature, to femininity.

Always chic, large hoop earrings in solid silver, hallmarked freehand and patinated.

These beautiful round ethnic earrings bring a gypsy touch to your look.

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