Strap Size Guide

WOMEN         MAN
XXS 12.5/13.5cm XXS 13.5/14.5
XS 13.5/14.5 XS 14.5/15.5
S 14.5/15.5 S  15.5/16.5
M15.5/17 M16.5/18
L 17/18.5 L 18/19
XL 18.5/20 XL 19/20.5
XXL 20 and + XXL 20.5 and +
To take your wrist size:
Use a strip of paper that you wrap around your wrist
to be transferred to a ruler.
More details with this link

femme yao avec bijoux traditionnels en argent massif
Photos from the book "The Yao: The Mien and Mun Yao in China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand" Jess G. Pourret

The traditional jewelry of the ethnic groups of the golden triangle

The ethnic groups of the golden triangle, living between Laos, Burma and northern Thailand, have always worn silver jewelry. They lend this metal medicinal and protective properties.

femmes Yao Mien ethnie du triangle d'or avec leurs costumes et bijoux traditionnels
lingot d'argent pur pour la fabrication de bijoux itsara

Pure Silver

The craftsmen of the Karen tribe, as their ancestors did, work with pure silver, i.e. 99%. Unmixed!

The solder alone, if any, is an alloy composed of 60% silver and 40% copper. We regularly test silver titration to verify the purity of the metal used.

In the past, all the tribes of the golden triangle worked pure this metal that they love so much.

travail artisanal de l'argent pur pour la fabrication de bijoux en argent massif. Artisanat ethnique des ethnies du triangle d'or
travail traditionnel artisanal des bijoux itsara en argent pur et massif

Unique craftsmanship

Almost without any moulding, all the jewels are made by cutting, striking, driving, twisting, hammering, braiding and welding, thanks to the mastery of thousand-year-old techniques.

Each piece carries within it the unique imprint of the one who shaped it.

On the other hand, making very fine pieces in pure silver is very delicate. This is why for some earrings that need very fine attachments, itsara uses 925 silver for the small hooks, and only in this case.

réalisation artisanale des bijoux en argent massif

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