Know your sizes

The Ring Sizer

For each first order we offer a ring sizer. A flexible ruler in the shape of a ring that you can adjust with your fingers and look at the size in the small magnifying glass.

If you want to receive a ring sizer before placing an order, you can send us a message via the contact page, without forgetting to give us your postal address ;-)

How to use its Itsara ring sizer?

To best use the itsara ring sizer, think of it as a ring. Adjust it to your finger, like the ring you would like to wear, more or less tight, according to your taste. It is better to be able to remove it without having to loosen it.

Then look in the small magnifying glass: the number that appears corresponds to your height. If you don't see a number, you are between two numbers, then move the tab a little to see your size. Otherwise you may be looking at the numbers upside down ;-) .

Check out how to use it in the video below.


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