Eco-responsible shipments

Craft Packaging

We offer you as many gift bags as you need for your order. But only one box.

Ask for it when ordering. Or on our contact

Orders are prepared with the greatest care: each jewel is packed in a natural paper pouch and protected by a rigid cardboard and natural paper box.

All packaging is handcrafted with artisanal paper using a traditional golden triangle method.

Our commitment to eco-responsible shipments

emballages naturels fait à la main


Our packaging is made of natural materials (paper and cardboard), they are recyclable and biodegradable.

Reduced Volumes

By reducing the volume of our shipments, we save space for transport and thus save energy.

envois eco-responsables


So that our pretty boxes arrive to you intact, we choose solid envelopes or cardboard boxes that meet important ecological standards: recycled, recyclable and/or biosourced materials from RAJA.

fabrication artisanale des emballages

Handcrafted production of our packaging

Boxes, pouches, business cards, gift cards, all our packaging is handcrafted.

A delicate work, respectful of nature but also of the men and women who make them.

Because for us it is important to introduce you to who is behind this work, here are Ôm and Pichaï, a charming and very kind couple with whom we have been collaborating for a long time (2006).

l'équipe des emballages Itsara


broussonetia papyfera murier à papier

Mulberry bark

To wrap our jewelry we have chosen authentic craftsmanship from this region of northern Thailand:

traditional natural paper (Saa Paper).

From the bark of an Asian mulberry tree, more commonly known as: Broussonetia papyfera, which detaches from the tree at the end of the rainy season, the paper is made using traditional ancestral techniques.

écorce de murier à papier
fabrication artisanale du papier naturel
bark cleaning

Handcrafted production

The bark is cleaned, crushed, and soaked in a tank with water to soften it and create paper pulp.

fabrication artisanale de papier naturel

Then pour a dose of this paper pulp obtained, in a large volume of water, mix and all the art consists in recovering a uniform thickness of material over the entire surface of the frame.

fabrication artisanale de papier naturel

The frames are then left to dry.

fabrication artisanale de papier naturel

Mulberry bark can be mixed with other fibres, such as banana, papaya or coconut fiber (which you can find on some of our packaging with a speckled effect or with darker fibres).

You can also include leaves, flowers, and petals while the paper is still wet on the frame.

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