Cookies and personal data

However, like all websites, we use them, without which we could not deliver or communicate.
-   Some   Cookies   are   indispensable   At   Good   functioning   of   site ,   notably   For   THE   payment .
-   others _ _   Cookies   are   there   For   YOU   track   in order to   of   to propose   the most suitable offers   To   your   profile .   YOU   are   free   of   THE   refuse   in   incoming ,   Or   of   YOU   unsubscribe   To   All   moment  
whether   YOU   are   solicited   by   OUR   marketing .   It is _   very   simple ,   And   very   fast .  
YOU   born   will be   more   Never   recontacted ,   even   whether v we   buy   of   new   on our site.
- Third parties use them for our marketing - facebook - google - pinterest and instagram, use the data collected by itsara bijoux.
It is a vital need for the existence of a website. No communication,
no existence. They are supposed to respect the European laws known as RGPD, for the protection of personal data. But no one is able to know what they really do with it. This matter is beyond our responsibility.
PERSONAL DATA is used for functional purposes:
- Name and mailing address for transportation
- Telephone and e.mail address for information on taking your order into account: invoicing, information for the carrier and tracking of the delivery. But also in case of need for quick contact and customer relations. Being a problem of size, or incomplete addressing for example.
- Bank details for the payment system are required, but not viewable. The payment systems are fully automated and compartmentalised.