environnement du village des artisan.es
In front of Da's house, craftswoman Karen

The village, where the artisans live, is located in the province of Lamphun; it is a beautiful traditional rural village in Northern Thailand.

It has about 5,000 inhabitants who are mostly Sg'aw and Pow Karens.

Agriculture, craftsmanship, commerce are the main resources of the villagers.

eco village
Since 2015 the village bears the mention of eco-village for green tourism

The village has developed a lot in recent years, you will now find grocery stores, cafes, all kinds of small shops, a super nice school, a health center, a small hospital,... It is next to a a small town (Li) where you can find everything you need.

This village is Huay Tom

The Village in a few facts

le royal project de huay tom

The Royal Project: Ban Phra Bat Huay Tom

Following the visit of King Bhumibhol in 1978, the village benefits from a project aimed at supporting the traditional and cultural activities of ethnic minorities. This project has allowed the development of the work of silver jewelry, weaving and the cultivation of many vegetables, fruit trees, flowers and herbs.

femme karen tisserande


All Karen women weave. Even today they are very faithful to this traditional garment that they make themselves.

ecole de Huay tom à Na Sai

The School

The village school is very large, it has three large main buildings, football pitches and huge green spaces.

rue du village avec culture


Essential, it punctuates the life of the village and its inhabitants who often carry out together the plantations, harvests, sales, etc.

The Buddhist Temple

You will find two sacred temples in the village, one of which has made the village famous throughout Thailand, with jewelry making of course.

The most impressive is the Phra Mahathat Chedi Sri Wiang Chai, all covered in gold dedicated to the Kruba (venerated monk) Sri Wiang Chai.

Pilgrims come from all over Thailand to pray and make offerings.

Wat Phra Mahathat Chedi Sri Wiang Chai

Wat Mahathat Chedi Sri Wiangchai

It was the monk Kruba Chaiya Wongsa patana who was behind the design and construction of this Chedi in 1955. It contains relics of Buddha. This temple is built according to the model of the shwedagon Pagoda of Yangoon in Burma.

It is the largest pagoda in Thailand.

Les Kru Ba moines vénérés de Lamphun et de Thaïlande
The 3 Kru Ba and Buddha at the entrance

If you are curious, now go to meet the craftsmen , learn more about the manufacture of jewelry or discover the art of jewelry of the ethnic groups of the golden triangle

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