poinçon de responsabilité itsara
Itsara hallmark of responsibility

The Guarantee: The hallmark

All our jewels have our stamp of responsibility, ie: importer in precious metals, registered with the guarantee of the customs of Nice.

This one is oval with a small bee surrounded by my initials (Léonel de Parseval: L and P) and measures approximately 2mm wide by 1mm high. This mark allows customs and therefore the buyer to identify the professional responsible for marketing the work. If the punch is in the shape of a diamond, it is that of the manufacturer of the jewel.

This is your best guarantee.

On pieces over 30gr you will find the customs stamp which certifies the material: the neck brace head, which looks more like a circle (without magnifying glass ;-)) and measures about one millimeter.

poinçon tête de minerve apposé par la garantie des douanes de Nice
Hallmark of the neck brace affixed by the Nice customs guarantee
découpage de l'argent pour réalisation de boucles d'oreilles en argent

The rare work of pure silver

Contrary to what we find on the subject, 99.9% pure silver can be worked despite the malleability. It is even this quality that is sought after by the Karen craftsmen in order to be able to shape these jewels, entirely by hand.

Rich in age-old know-how, they perpetuate techniques that are increasingly rare in our industrialized world.

Karen craftsmen maintain the tradition and work with 99.9% pure silver, without mixing (we are not talking about 100% because there are always small impurities). Indeed this is rare. Silver jewelry that is usually found on the market is 92.5% silver, the rest being another metal such as copper.

Thanks to the purity of the silver, manual work is facilitated. The jewels are made without moulding: the material is stretched, flattened, cut, hammered, twisted, welded,... The numerous braidings and weavings of threads or strips of pure silver are characteristic of this magnificent craftsmanship.

To give more solidity to a piece of jewelry, all you need is a sufficient thickness. Some shapes also provide more rigidity. On the other hand, the very refined parts as for large stems of earrings ( Hmong earrings for example), they will have to be handled with more care.

So Karen craftsmen do not make very, very fine silver jewelry, because it would deform too easily.

Thanks to these artisanal techniques and the purity of the material, each jewel bears the unique imprint of the person who fashioned it.

Analysis of the pure silver content in Itsara jewelry

Titation Argent 2017


Quote of an earring: formerly the No. 8 creation earrings. The result is 99.517% silver.

Titation argent 2014


Title of an ethnic earring N° 5 : 99.453% silver.

Titation argent 2014 -2


Titation of contemporary earring No. 38 : 99.527% silver .

Titation Argent 2011

96.7% and 98.9%

- Titation of a piece of ethnic ring N° 38 with many welds: 96.763% silver

- Titation of a piece of the old model of the ethnic ring N ° 60 : 98.945% silver

From now on, learn more about the art of silver jewelry from the golden triangle , the Karen artisans or get to know us: Isabelle and Léonel: founders of Itsara

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