les artisans, fabriquant des bijoux en argent massif pour itsara

Karen artisans

All the artisans are Karen, an ethnic group originally from Burma, they live in a beautiful village in northern Thailand: Na Saï.

They work in small groups of two to five people, often as a family and in a workshop at home.

The work of silver jewelry is carried out with respect for the craftsman.

artisane de la tribu karen poinçonnant des boucles d'oreilles traditionnelles de l'ethnie Hmong. Réalisation artisanale de boucles d'oreilles ethniques en argent massif

A traditional ethnic craft

The manufacture of pure silver jewelry that we offer is a tradition of the ethnic groups of the golden triangle: Laos, Thailand, Burma

Rich in a thousand-year-old know-how, these craftsmen perpetuate a unique craft in the world.

travail artisanal de l'argent pur pour la fabrication de bijoux en argent massif. Artisanat ethnique des ethnies du triangle d'or
fabrication artisanale traditionnelle de bijoux

pure silver work

Karen craftsmen maintain the tradition and work with 99% pure silver, without mixture.

Thanks to the purity of silver, the metal is softer and manual work is easier. Almost without any moulding, all the jewels are made by cutting, striking, driving in, twisting, hammering, braiding and welding, with the mastery of thousand-year-old techniques.

Each piece carries within it the unique imprint of the one who shaped it.

collier avec pendentif artisanal en argent massif. Pendentif traditionnel de l'ethnie Hmong : le cadenas

Guardians of a know-how

The Karen craftsmen recreate the traditional jewelery of the ethnic groups of the golden triangle, using the same ancestral techniques. These ethnic jewels whose origins are lost in the mists of time are rich in symbols and stories

From now on, get to know the Karen ethnic group , originally from Burma, take a walk in the beautiful village of artisans

and stop at the temple to listen to the mystical sound of thousands of bells

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